Fresh Ingredients

As some of you know, I recently moved into a beautiful brick town home.  While there are many things I love, the open spaces, the lighting, the basement, I am most excited to have my own space again!

This month marks the one year anniversary of my dads death.  It’s been incredibly hard.  I have almost nothing in my possession through which to remember him, a few photos, a name tag from when he was in nursing school. . . I do however hold onto things that I know he loved; going with my boyfriend to blues shows, and spending hours experimenting in my new kitchen.

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One thing I learned from my dad is that cooking can bring someone a lot of joy and pride.  During my first few weeks here I’ve been experimenting with recipes that are both healthy AND delicious.  Don’t get me wrong, I love oatmeal for breakfast and chicken and broccoli for dinner, but that shit gets old.  I’m not buying steak and salmon over here, but I’m stepping up my game.

In our numerous trips to local farmers markets, here is one I have made that I’m really pleased with.  It next to NO effort and is pretty damn tasty:

Veggie Salad (i don’t have a clever name for this, but it’s delicious so who cares)
This is one of my boyfriends favorites. I love it because it costs next to nothing to make. It’s a perfect side, light and fresh.

This is it. Six things.  But honestly, do salt and pepper even count as ingredients? Regardless. . . Tomato and cucumber purchased at the farmers market, and a red onion from Kroger.  Dice the whole tomato and cucumber and half of the onion (I only use half or 3/4 because it is so potent by comparison).  Combine all of these in a bowl, add some salt, pepper, and olive oil to taste!

My bit of advice would be to strain the veggies before you add the oil, salt, and pepper.  The natural juices of the veggies cause everything to get soggy and go bad much more quickly.  This way, it will last in the fridge about a week or so, not that it ever lasts that long in my fridge.


One thought on “Fresh Ingredients

  1. Courtney,

    A few things:

    1. I’m sorry you lost your dad. I can’t imagine how incredibly tough that must have been for you. My dad is pretty much the greatest man I’ve ever known, and when he passes away, it will no doubt be a tough moment for me.

    2. I like the design of your blog, it’s very clean. Also, judging by your banner photos, you also appear to have very strong arms. So much so that I challenge you to an arm wrestling contest. Any time, any where!

    3. I’ll have to try that veggie salad recipe sometime. It sounds, in a word, refreshing.

    Good luck with everything you’re doing.

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