What’s your FITsporation?

Lately, I’ve noticed I have been struggling a lot with my motivation.  Whether it be to eat on schedule/healthy or to go to the gym. . . I’ve been riding in the front seat of the Stuggle Bus.

I’ve decided the easiest way to get back on track is to remember why I am doing this to begin with.  These are my top five motivations for becoming a healthier person:

1) Physical health
Isn’t this the obvious one? “Bikini season is just around the corner!” While my goal has never been to be a fitness/bikini model, I envy those women for their dedication and rockin’ bods.  When I first started my “fit life” journey, I was looking for direction, someone I could relate too, that was fit but NORMAL.  Not the in your face, boot camp style, but a normal person with a similar mindset. Browsing BodyBuilding.com I found fitness model Tabitha Klausen.

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At 5’11” and 140lbs she’s NORMAL.  She admits to having been teased for always being a giant as a kid (hmm…feels familiar), struggling with eating issues and wanting to turn her life around for the better.  All the things I was trying to combat and become. She’s a great fitness role model and her social media is full of motivation for me!

2) Mental Health

Ok, while murder is an extreme example, exercise DOES make you happy.  The idea of getting up and actually GOING to the gym can be daunting.  Do it.  Just go, just change your clothes and go. This is my mantra almost every time I consider working out.

I thought I would be happy when I started to see my primary physical goals reached, but even my daily workouts were making me feel great.  I was actually DOING something, not talking about it and making plans to go eventually, I WAS going.

There is nothing more gratifying than those first few drops of sweat rolling down your temples.

3) The music

If I don’t have a good playlist when going to the gym, I have ZERO motivation to do anything.  My mood dictates what genre I listen to.  I alternate between rap and rock music almost exclusively.  While I absolutely love Florida Georgia Line, hearing “baby you’re a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise” doesn’t do the job for me like “if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” Yes, the message of the latter may be a bit. . . derogatory, but when I’m droppin’ ten pounds preparin’ for summer, I need Drake. ‘Cause I’m fancy.

Here is a rock song I came across while lifting one day that I really enjoy.
Undead – Hollywood Undead(p.s. It’s pretty explicit so cover your ears kids.)

4) The food
This is my biggest struggle.  I consistently find myself “too busy” to eat.

Breakfast √
Healthy snacks?
4th Meal √

As a server, I’ll eat lunch around 3 and not eat again until I get off work around midnight.  While I enjoy the food at my job, at some point you just get tired of bar food.  It gets expensive and is not good for you.

When I take the time to really cook, I am MUCH happier. There is something incredibly gratifying about taking few choice ingredients and creating something tasty and delicious. . . and of course nutritious. This is one thing I carry that IS my dad, his passion for cooking.

5) The workouts
I’ve not been doing this blog very long but I’ve had numerous people reach out to me and ask what I do when I work out. Part of me thinks that is hilarious because I am by no means an authority on anything health and fitness.  Then I realized, that was the whole point of writing this blog.  I’m not writing this because I had some Subway Jarrod transformation, I’m not a personal trainer or nutritionist.  Just a normal 20something looking to create a better future for myself.

My first time was awkward.  I didn’t know where to start, what to do with myself, how fast to go, how hard to go.  By the end I was sweaty but wasn’t sure I had really accomplished anything.

My two biggest tools for finding workout plans are Pinterest and BodyBuilding.com.  No, BodyBuilding.com is not just for body builders. Here you can find everything from entire fitness plans to individual workouts for each muscle group: backs, shoulders, arms, abs. If you want to try supplements for weight loss or muscle growth, the website will help guide you through what’s on the market that best fits your needs.

 This is a screen shot of the exercise guide on their website.  It is as easy as it looks.  Want to get rid of your underarm fat, click on the tricepts.  Saggy bottom? Click on glutes.  Each muscle group gives you a list of exercises, each with an accompanying video for both male and female versions.  These videos are a great resource for for form and posture.

My Fitspo Pinterest board is filled with a compilation of fitness related quotes and workout plans.  If you don’t find a workout plan here, you’ll find plenty of motivational tidbits.

I have my gym bag ready for my boyfriend and I to go to the gym this evening.  Nights like this when I don’t feel 100% committed I remember this and realize I just need to shut up and go.



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