Runners Low

There are many things in life I realize I will never understand:

  • Why men smack each others behinds for encouragement or congratulations
  • How it is biologically possible for all old people smell the same
  • Peoples propensity to run for pleasure

It’s this last one that trips me up. At my last mud run (The Indiana Spartan Sprint), I ran with (more like walked/jogged hours behind) a guy on my team who ran marathons. . . for fun.  FUN! I just did not understand it, so I asked why he did them.  During our conversation I mentioned I was not good at running and did not like to run.  His response was simple enough “that’s probably why you don’t enjoy it.”

Hearing the way he spoke about his love for running was actually pretty inspiring.  An average guy, not too far from my age, telling me that I COULD love running, experience the illusive “runners high”, if I just RAN. Seems pretty logical: Not good at something, participate in/practice said activity, become better.

So here we go kids!  I’ve gone for runs before (probably four in as many years) and I realize that is not going to cut it.  I’m not trying to become a marathon runner, but want to increase my all over performance for my next mud run and this is where I am starting.

I’m trying something new this week!  I did a few videos to accompany this post and my workout summary.

1) Pre Run

Right about now I feel great, I’m feeling very motivated.  I have a time/distance/pace goal in mind and WILL meet it.

2) Mid Run

WHY HAVE I DONE THIS TO MYSELF!? Did I forget that as far as I went OUT from home, I’d have to make it BACK!? Who can come pick me up and take me to Chipotle???

3) Post Run

Right about now I am feeling a strange combination of pride and self-defeat.  Proud for doing what I set out to, defeated because I did not meet the goals I set for myself.  I now realize that setting “goals” at this point is just a way to disappoint myself, RUNNING should be my first goal.  Not quitting should be my goal.

No more self-fulfilling prophecies, I am just going to run and see where it takes me!


*Side note: I did NOT go to the 8am BJJ class, because I worked until midnight, then went out to see my friend perform at a bar.  Getting home at 2+am does not an early morning make.  A goal I CAN set, is getting to bed at a decent time.


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