Indiana Spartan Sprint 2014 – AROO!

Aroo! Alright kids, I’ve officially finished my second mud run and I can safely say I AM HOOKED.Indiana Spartan Sprint 2014

Let’s do a recap of the Indiana Spartan Sprint 2014:

Team: Mud Assassins
Where: Haspen Acres, Laurel, Indiana – an off-road and motocross park
Distance: “around 4 miles” (in the end I was told it was around 4.8)
Number of obstacles: Was too busy trying not to die to keep track
Time: 3 hours 3 mins

Spartan Sprint was much more challenging than Warrior Dash, in distance, terrain, and obstacle difficulty.  Without detailing every riverbed, hill, and wall we climbed, I’ll give you all the high (and low) lights of the race:

My favorite obstacle: a 100-yard  low crawl

Along a 100-yard stretch of a motocross track, we were forced to arm crawl under barbed wire (think Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment, only much dirtier. . . and not in a good way) in mud as thick as chocolate mousse.  There were rocks, sticks and god knows what else mixed in with the mud so everyone’s knees and arms took a beating. This was easier for short people because they have less to bend and crawl with, but for all 5’10” of me, it was a little more difficult.  Big booty Judy kept catching on barbs so my hiney is a little scratched up.

Rob Hanna Indiana Spartan Sprint 2014

Photo from the Spartan FB taken on the low crawl of my friend/fellow Mud Assassin, Rob Hanna

Most challenging obstacle: a rope climb over a muddy water pit

This was challenging for a few reasons. 1) I understand the mechanics of climbing a rope (hooking it around your foot and all) but not having the time to put towards to OCR training, I’d never actually done it. 2) to get to the rope you had to slide down a muddy hill where you inevitably fell into the water. You are wet, the rope is wet. . . all around bad combination.  I am however, still very proud of the effort I made.  I made it about 3/4 the way up the rope three different times before I would lose my footing or my hands would slip.  The last time, when I landed face first in the water, I decided I was done.  A mouth/eyes full of muddy water was good enough for me.

Other obstacles of note:

  • I hoisted a 75lb bag of dirt/sand up a rope pulley about 20-25ft (controlled up & back down)
  • Pulled a concrete block on a chain through the woods, up/down hills
  • Carried the men’s weight sand bag on my shoulder through the woods
Indiana Spartan Sprint 2014

Jumping the fire at the finish line!

Though our group tried to stay together, the nature of the race split us up, but everyone waited at the finish line to jump the fire together! There were walls to scale, spears to throw, and burpees to be done but I am SO proud of myself!  I fell, I bled, got splinters, and I loved every second of it.  I guess you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try, and I tried, hard! I ran every chance I got, I never took the easy rout and I can smile because of that. 😀

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Our group, The Mud Assassins, is ALWAYS looking for additions!  Our obstacle race course training is at EFS MMA on Burkhardt road in Dayton, Oh. Come “embrace the suck.”


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