It’s almost Race Day!

I’m officially 30.ish hours away from me next mud run and I am shitting. my. pants.
Ok, all involuntary defecation aside, I’m actually really excited/nervous and here is why:


  • My diet has not been STELLAR the last week or so, I’ve had a lot of stress and displacement that has taken it’s toll but I am taking the steps to correct my mistakes and get back on track.
  • My exercise routine has also slipped…
  • The group I am running with (The Mud Assassins) train together weekly with mud race specific workouts…and I haven’t been able to attend a single session.  I have had class and/or work every night that kept me from their sessions.
  • Those damn monkey bars
  • Burpees


  • The Challenge:  I was so proud of myself after finishing the Warrior Dash in August, I am expecting equal or greater levels of pride after this race.  I’ve been dealing with a lot personally the last year, so I am using this as a starting point for “reasons I am proud of myself.”

I’ve mentioned before that I HATE running, but as much as I was proud of myself for completing the obstacles at Warrior Dash,  I’m still embarrassed that my running was so terrible.  I still haven’t taken the steps to become a better runner but I’m starting now.

Run Keeper resultsI got out and ran yesterday and I hated every God forsaken minute of it.  Running down hill, easier, but still kind of sucky.  Running uphill…all out torture.  Can a person spontaneously contract Asthma? Because I very well may have.  Dafuq?

A year or so ago I downloaded the RunKeeer app and I really enjoy it… when I use it…which has been three times.  I love that I can listen to the playlists on my iPhone and it keeps track of things like my heart rate, the different elevations I climb, and estimated calories burned.  It gives me the chance to compare my runs so I will be able to keep track of my progress.

Short Term Goal: Run a solid mile without writhing in pain/having a spontaneous asthma attack
Long Term Goals:  Do a Tough Mudder, put one of those stupid 13.1 stickers on my car.

This week I’ve been focused on staying hydrated (made that mistake last time) and RELAXING! Can’t stress over something that hasn’t happened yet, right?  I am running with such a great group of people, I know they will be there to support me even when I think I am doing a terrible job.  I’m looking forward to more races with the Mud Assassins already! :]


We’re leaving at 7:30am Saturday morning for Indiana, so wish me luck everyone!



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