Who’s that ponytail on the mat?

Over the last few months I have come to a realization: I don’t think the men in my gym have a lot of experience training with women.  This is by no means a fault of theirs, it’s just the nature of the area we live.  Other than me, there are two other girls (both under 17) who do BJJ, however sporadically.  All of the guys are glad to have women in class, and overall, wish more women would be interested in the sport.  What’s interesting is the things we all generally think keep women from coming in are the same things that are making these GUYS uncomfortable.  So I have come up with a list of observations/things NOT to worry about when rolling with women:

1)  I’m not worried about you pulling my hair.

This is the NUMBER ONE thing I hear from guys, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m pulling your hair!”  I have long hair, so i realize that at  some point more than a few strands are going to get lose and get tugged on or out, I spent my childhood with a mother who combed tangles from my hair…this is nothing.  Think Clay Guida or Bendo.  It’s just something we deal with, it’s inevitable.

2) You sweating or farting on us (and vice versa)

It’s gross on all accounts, but it happens.  Laugh it off, and move on.  (Mind you, I realize, no man wants to admit women fart but let’s be honest…if I have all 185+ lbs of you pressing on my colon…Sorry.)

3) Don’t get a boner


4) Don’t let the positions scare you. . .

. . . because they don’t scare me.  My first week I lost a contact of my friends ball sack trying to escape a triangle, and it was totally kosher.  Knee on belly, north south; you don’t make it weird, I won’t make it weird.

5) Don’t be afraid to drill with me

Don’t be afraid to drill something nasty (i.e. chokes)  If you go easy on me, it’s only shorting me on quality training.  I didn’t sign up for Tae Bo,  I am here to both get into shape and learn.  Going easy on me doesn’t prepare me for anything.



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